Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wtf, Stock?

Can you say overt and inappropriate politicization of a crime scene? An incredible headline: "Stockwell Day makes surprise visit to Vancouver crime scene." I'm thinking this wasn't cleared with the Ministry of Information. Too whacked, this has Stock written all over it.
Vancouver police investigating another stabbing in the city's Downtown Eastside had a surprise visitor Thursday morning: Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day.

The minister's unexpected appearance on a street corner in Vancouver's grittiest neighbourhood surprised police and reporters who were already at the crime scene.

After emerging without notice from his official car, Day spent a couple of minutes being briefed by Sgt. Anne Drennan, the former VPD media liaison turned beat cop, before talking to reporters while his two handlers looked on.

"I'm here doing business in Vancouver and just happened to be down here, saw the scene, like to talk to officers on the scene," Day told reporters. "It gives me an idea of what's happening on the ground."

When asked for his reaction to the recent spike in violent attacks in the city, Day repeated comments made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper Wednesday in Vancouver.

"It just shows that we need a number of things like our legislation to get through on violent crime, and officers on the street need all the resources we can get to them."
A crime scene is not the place for photo op happy politicians trying to cloak their party as anti-crime. It's just blatantly wrong. Not to mention distracting from the task at hand. This guy's judgment is just so off.