Sunday, December 23, 2007

Accommodation for Harper is just an electoral calculation

What part of accommodation includes singling out women Muslim voters and legislating that they show their faces while voting - when there is no record of problems occurring? As Harper hits his "Kumbayah" tone on accommodation and immigration today, let's not forget how he whipped up this issue prior to the Quebec by-elections for, frankly, Conservative electoral advantage. And how he publicly misrepresented that the Elections Act mandated such identification by Muslim women when it in fact did not (see CBC report, 2nd link provided). He vilified the Chief Electoral Officer in September, a foreshadowing of his similar attack on nuclear regulator Linda Keen, who was simply following the law that Harper had passed.

These two attacks were terrible low points for our country this year, to watch our Prime Minister attacking decent, principled public servants who were following the laws and were unable to defend themselves.

Keep that in mind as you hear the platitudes being mouthed today...