Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blue state/red state comes to Canada courtesy of Mini Bush

It's really shameful what Harper is doing to Linda Keen, the head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. She really should sue him for defamation. Unfortunately for her, Harper's comments seem to have been largely made in the House of Commons and he's shielded due to parliamentary immunity. If he makes one false move, or any of his government members do outside the House, she should get a lawyer on these people pronto. What an absolute abuse of power on display by the PM to tarnish this woman's credibility and integrity like this. Here it is (from the CP link):
At the same time, Harper took another shot at the head of the CNSC, Linda Keen, mocking the Liberals for initially suggesting "the government should simply sit back and let Ms. Keen and the commission resolve this in their own good time."

On Tuesday, Harper directly blamed the "Liberal-appointed" NCSC for keeping the reactor shut down and putting lives in jeopardy due to the resultant shortage of radioisotopes used in diagnostic cancer and cardiology tests.

The prime minister's clearly-stated lack of confidence in Keen, a career bureaucrat who insists she has no political affiliation, has raised questions about whether she can continue in her post. But CNSC spokesman Aurele Gervais said "she has every intention of staying on."
Absolutely she should stay on. No wonder Harper's got a deficit in his support among the women of Canada.

And it's quite the message to those occupying similar positions on government commissions. The Prime Minister might come at you and blame you if there's the slightest upsetting of the government applecart. You're to blame as you are a Liberal appointee. And inherently, you're tainted. Partisan blinders dictate to this Prime Minister, despite the objective evidence of the qualifications of such persons for these positions. Scott Tribe vetted those at issue yesterday and found the Liberal appointees to be shockingly eminently qualified to regulate nuclear safety.

But none of that matters to Mini Bush, because it's all about saving his hyper-partisan ass. And discrediting a legitimate government regulator, in league with the conservative philosophy of government we've witnessed during the painful years of the Bush administration. The more you taint the government's institutions with partisanship, the less faith people have in them. And the less motivated people are to care about it due to the disillusionment with its effectiveness.

Well done, Mini Bush. Well done.