Monday, December 10, 2007

The Conservative clean government caravan still rollin' along

What's this I read? "Charges laid against Ottawa mayor in inducement scandal linked to federal Tories." Doh!

With all due respect, it's time for Mr. O'Brien to step aside. These are criminal charges and he should step aside until they're fully dealt with. Is there not a Deputy Mayor in Ottawa or any kind of succession plan for the municipality? If not, the Council should turn its mind to it ASAP and stop fretting over how it's never happened before at the municipal level. Do the right thing. This Mayor owes it to the people of the city to allow them to have unclouded representation.

And this is not good for the federal Conservatives. Their pretension of portraying themselves as "clean" is just bunk to begin with, but this, well, it just isn't good for anyone.
During a nine-month investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police, published reports linked the affair to Environment Minister John Baird, Conservative election campaign co-chairman John Reynolds and party national director Doug Finley.
We'll see what the evidence is and who the witnesses will be. If witnesses will include any of the above mentioned individuals, the optics will be terrible for the Conservatives.

Not exactly a welcome development for the Conservatives with other "legal" matters on the go, including the taint from the Mulroney-Schreiber affair and the lawsuit they're embroiled in with Elections Canada over their alleged overspending to the tune of $1 plus million in the last federal election.

And it certainly calls for some of the above...:)