Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, blah blah blah

To quote the Gorillaz of late...:) And various other assorted platitudes to you this last night of 2007...thought I'd jot down a few thoughts on a quiet evening here in the Impolitical household.

Here's a song I've had going through my head and on my speakers for weeks now that makes me happy. Don't know why, just like it. Although I don't quite get the video. See if you do.

Otherwise, as the year ends and we look forward to 2008, the most prominent cause for hope for the world is the fact that the PRESIDENCY OF GEORGE W. BUSH WILL END IN 2008. Yet unfortunately, we must watch this imbecile for yet another 11 months or so. The good news is that he's set the bar so eminently low, anyone, dare I say, will be an improvement. Of course, this corner is rooting for a Democrat to take back the White House, any of the top three will do me just fine. Edwards is a sentimental favourite right now though, have to say, although ultimately, not sure he can pull it off.

We will also look to a likely Canadian election. And there's hope that Harpie too may be banished to opposition. He's not grown in the polls, as I've been bleating on about for likely most of this year. Let's hope it stays that way and Canadians, aided by a little discussion in the blogging community, see the misguided out of sync Conservatives for what they are.

Other than that, cheers and have a great night...:)