Thursday, December 27, 2007

Harper refuses to address allegations Iran supplying Taliban

When Harper finally got around to commenting on Benazir Bhutto's assassination today, in a makeshift tarmac session, here's the essence of what he had to say:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged Pakistan to proceed with its scheduled election in two weeks - this despite the country's main opposition party announcing a boycott after Bhutto's murder.

"This cannot be allowed to permit any delay in the return of Pakistan to full democracy," Harper said in Calgary.

"(Democracy is) something the people of Pakistan have been waiting for, for far too long."
Took just about a minute or two. "Allowed" a few questions. Expressed general concern for regional stability in response to a question on how the Pakistan situation would impact the Afghan mission. But seemed to get a bit uncomfortable, started smiling and quickly begged off once asked about Junior MacKay's Christmas day allegations of Iran supplying arms to the Taliban. It's a question for another day, said Harper. I wonder if that day will come?