Friday, December 21, 2007

Harpie in full blown denial

Harper's making excuses for his attack on Linda Keen, but no apology appears to be forthcoming. In fact, he's piling on:
Harper was also asked about the recent isotopes shortage crisis and the government's decision to overrule Canada's nuclear regulator and re-start the reactor at Chalk River, Ont., which produces the medical isotopes.

He rejected he had made a partisan attack when he referred to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission as "Liberal appointed." He said he was just expressing his frustration with the regulatory body's decision.

The shutdown had created a shortage of the nuclear material used for life-saving diagnostic scans and for medical imaging for fractures, cancers and heart conditions

"I don't believe the actions of the nuclear commission were motivated by partisan considerations," Harper said. "I do believe the course of action contemplated was extremely ill-advised. An appalling use of authority and judgment. And one that the government had to deal with." (emphasis added)
Everyone knows he was making a partisan attack on Keen and her commission. People aren't stupid. And it'll remain outstanding in the public eye since he refuses to speak to it appropriately and apologize to these people for damaging their reputations.

And to now be calling the commission's actions "appalling?" Really? The nuclear regulator shuts down a nuclear facility for its operation in violation of its license and Harper considers this to be appalling. He just can't admit he's wrong on how he attacked Linda Keen and the regulatory body. Instead of cutting his losses and admitting how his emotions got the better of him in the House, he's choosing to stay on the attack.

Well, I'm happy to keep beating the drum on this if Harpie wants to keep the issue alive...:)