Saturday, December 22, 2007

Harpie's by-elections and other stuff

A few items in the blogosphere grabbed my attention in the past hour or so...

1. Jason Cherniak poses the question: "What's Steve scared of?" This is in reference to the incredible pushing back of the by-elections in 4 Liberal held ridings to March. My take...he's afraid of having Bob Rae in the House of Commons. Rae will significantly round out the Liberal benches and will make the front line of the Conservative side pale in comparison. He'll eat Maxime Bernier for breakfast.

And let's not gloss over Martha Hall Findlay either. She will represent another high profile woman with leadership potential on the Liberal side. There's no one on the Conservative side in the women's ranks who has such potential. No one.

So these are a few things Harpie is afraid of when he hits the pillow late at night. And yes, I do believe that's what's going through his head...

2. David Orchard should run for the Liberals, yes, in the Saskatchewan by-election if it works out for him. But if there's another candidate chosen, then David should run in another riding. Besides, this hiccup is likely to become moot. A federal election may occur prior to the March 17th date for these by-elections or soon thereafter. One way or another, Orchard is likely to get his federal seat in Saskatchewan. Listen to Orchard, here on Afghanistan and Iraq and read this article on the Wheat Board. He'll likely resonate significantly on that issue in a by-election, or federal campaign, whichever it may be. I could see him being a great asset, in fact, in a federal campaign in Saskatchewan on that count. And as others are pointing out, he's eminently preferable to an NDP MLA who can't make up her mind as to which party she wants to represent. This is a test for Dion's new staff, let's hope they sort it out.

3. Apparently there are "sanctimonious" Liberal bloggers out there who may not criticize the Quebec provincial Liberals for their bid to out do the PQ in the immigrant-bashing-nativism-extravaganza. I noticed this from the Uncorrected Proofs blog. Well, I'm not sure to whom that blogger is referring, no one is named. I've seen a few Liberals opining generally against such efforts in Quebec (Kinsella comes to mind quickly). And bastard.logic has also weighed in, uber-progressive but not Liberal, and they certainly gave Jean the business. And I've already written against the bone-headed provincial Charest led Liberals on such efforts and will be happy to continue doing so. It's all horribly wrong, it's doesn't matter who does it. And I hope to see all federal progressive parties stand up against the unnecessary and opportunistic veil legislation that Harper has in the works.

For clarity's sake, while I'm not technically a Liberal, by membership (I belong to no political party), I do have a big honking Stephane Dion button on my site. And proudly so. Some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, Mr. Dion is going to make a fine Prime Minister.