Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey all you drowning nations, here's some cash from Canada

Shorter explanation of Canadian government p.r. exercise of the day in Bali: excuse us while we developed nations flood you, because Canada's not signing on to sh%# unless Bush tells us we're allowed here's $7.5 million to clean up your submerged countries, good luck with it:
Canada has announced a boost in funding for a global fund designed to help poor countries deal with climate change.

The new $7.5 million contribution makes Canada the second-largest donor to the Global Environment Facility's climate-change fund, federal officials said.

Environment Minister John Baird made the announcement during United Nations climate talks in Bali.
The GEF - administered in part by the World Bank - is designed to help those countries deal with the consequences and also to reduce their greenhouse gases. A number of small island states have told the Bali conference that their land is being steadily gobbled up by rising tides.

One small Bangladeshi island has spoken of rising hunger and overcrowding as four-fifths of its land has been submerged in recent years.
Maybe they can spend the money on wetsuits and goggles.

And get your bullsh*$ detectors ready everyone, John Baird's arrived in Bali and it looks like the spin shop will be in high gear:
The funding announcement is the first of many Baird plans to make at Bali.

The Canadian government has even set up its own personalized press conference room for a series of daily news announcements.

That facility is far away from the summit site - where Canada is taking flak from European countries and environmentalists who are upset with its stance on climate change.
Yep, we talk real good. Leadership, not so much. The environment is but a p.r. problem for Conservatives to manage as best they can while keeping their eye on getting elected...