Friday, December 14, 2007

Jeez, when you can't trust a former separatist to dig up dirt on the Liberals...

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but it's the resolution of one of the most irksome stories of the past year on the Harper hypocrisy front, I'm still jumping right in.

Because, you know, when a renowned ex-separatist you hired to dig up dirt on the Liberals turns on you, things are gettin' prettty bad for Harpie...:) What an excellent use of taxpayer funds, Mr. Harper. Your comrades at the National Citizens Coalition must be so proud of you.

Many bloggers have weighed in already on the two-month-sat-upon Paille report on past Liberal polling practices that had been commissioned by our oh so righteous Conservative government. Pointing out the incredible backfire on Harper's move given that Paille was actually critical of the Conservatives for their first year in office and their unprecedented spending on polls. Far be it from me to pile on...:) Heh, heh...:) But sitting on a harmful report for two months and releasing it on the day Brian Mulroney testifies in an almost unprecedented public grilling? Well, we all know what that calls for:

Never thought I'd say it...but good for Daniel Paille. All that noise about his separatist background and journalistic outcry over how he could possibly produce an objective result has apparently paid off with Mr. Paille's work.

Now as for Harpie? Such efforts underscore, as always, the worst tendencies of his leadership and government. Revenge. Hyper-partisanship. Too clever by half tactical moves. That's why it's especially gratifying to see it blow up in their faces.

I'm sure he'll keep at it in doing his utmost to attack Liberals. That's his whole rationale for being in government, don't ya know....:)