Monday, December 24, 2007

A little Christmas eve Conservative hatorade for you

They're slamming the CBC, capitalizing on an incident during the Mulroney-Schreiber hearings. In other words, doing their best imitation of the worst of the Republican efforts to tarnish the media as liberal in order to portray themselves as the victims of a biased media. Poor little helpless Conservatives with their millions to spend on attack ads. We should apparently feel sorry for them and the disadvantages they must overcome. An extended excerpt so you can revel in the dramatic picture portrayed by one of the top Conservative party officials:
The Conservative Party of Canada has slammed the country's public broadcaster in a fundraising letter to party members.

Top party official Doug Finley has sent Conservative grassroots supporters a letter in which he lambastes the CBC and asks people for money to help fight an election.

Finley, the party's campaign director, says he was shocked by allegations that a CBC reporter helped produce questions for a Liberal MP to ask Brian Mulroney at a recent parliamentary hearing.

Now he's using the incident as a fundraising message to the party faithful: Tories face a chronic disadvantage because of their powerful enemies, and need your cash to overcome it.

But while casting the governing party as a perennial underdog, Finley glosses over the fact that the Tories are - by far - the top dog in the money department.

The Tories are loaded with cash after out-fundraising the Liberals by millions of dollars at a four-to-one ratio, and that money has allowed them to staff campaign headquarters and run multiple TV ads.

Finley glosses over those advantages in a letter that focuses on the challenges of being a Conservative.

"Let's face the facts," Finley writes in a letter, released by the party Monday.

"Running as a Conservative in Canada is never easy.

"The Liberals have long benefited from the support of the country's most powerful vested interests. And the NDP has always been backed by the country's loudest vocal interests."

He goes on to ask for $100 or $200, and argues that financial support will help the Tories overcome the challenge of fighting the Liberals and "their vested interest allies."

Memo to CBC, keep reporting the news as you're doing and stand up to such efforts to bully you into re-considering your coverage. Because this little letter is not just about fund-raising. It's also undoubtedly about trying to create a backlash against the CBC and maybe gain Conservatives the benefit of the doubt here and there on a close call with a story. The Republicans have been on a "liberal media" tirade in the U.S. for years and par for the course, the Harper Conservatives are trying to inculcate the same thing in Canada.