Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from Fred Thompson

As we watch the Republicans climb all over themselves to pander to the absolute worst in ourselves, here's Fred Thompson being an absolute doofus:
Janice Easley's fury over illegal immigration boiled over Saturday as she confronted Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson at the Music Man Square museum.

She said she recalled a film about Mexicans who wanted to take over California and New Mexico. Calling illegal immigrants a taxpayer burden, she wondered whether Americans could march in the streets of Mexico and demand welfare. When Iowans call up the power company, she said, "everything is in Spanish; it's sickening."

"You are so, so right," Thompson responded. English should be the national language, he told the retiree, and immigrants bear some of the blame for the home-loan crisis. "A lot of them couldn't communicate with the people they were getting the mortgage from," he said.
Yes, it's unbearable to hear "Press 2 for spanish" in Spanish, isn't it? And gotta say, that's the first time I've heard anyone suggest the subprime mortgage crisis had anything to do with illegal immigration...I mean, that's just base...