Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mulroney lobbied China and Russia to buy tanks?

Hints of Mulroney's testimony leaked out late last night.

Of note, two articles indicate that Mulroney's going to explain that he lobbied Russia and China on behalf of the Thyssen-sponsored and Schreiber-lobbied Bear Head armoured vehicle project. This report indicates he was hired to lobby China:
Mr. Kaplan received another explanation from a former Mulroney aide, Pat MacAdam, who said that “Karlheinz hired Mulroney to sell Bear Head armoured vehicles to China.”

In an interview yesterday, Mr. MacAdam said the source of his information was Mr. Mulroney.

“I was talking to Brian on the phone and he … he said, ‘Well you know, it wasn't $300,000 – it was 225. And I paid the tax on it,'” Mr. MacAdam said.
And there's this report setting out the Russian angle:
Sources told CTV News that Mulroney has insisted he lobbied UN Security Council members to buy the tanks, including Russia's president at the time, the late Boris Yeltsin.
Again, let's wait and see.

But if this is what we're about to hear, that the former Prime Minister of Canada was out there lobbying China and Russia to buy tanks in the immediate aftermath of his tenure...well, that doesn't make me feel very good as a Canadian at all. In fact, it makes me think of this scene from 1989 that occurred while Mulroney was PM: