Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mulroney-Schreiber: the Ethics Committee is incompetent edition

Have you caught the nascent talking point making the rounds in Conservative circles, parroted by Bob Fife on the national news last night, to the effect that Mulroney's been exonerated and there's no need for a public inquiry...based upon the stellar work of this Ethics Committee, of course, who have asked probing, fulsome, thorough questions on every angle of the story thus far and who are doing us all so proud. And who just yesterday received Schreiber's documents in preparation for his LAST day of testimony before them tomorrow. So Schreiber will have testified and been subject to questioning for, say, oh, I don't know...maybe 4 hours absent the committee discussions, motions, apologies and opening statements? With no prospect of amending their abbreviated hearing schedule in sight. What an absolute disservice to the matter this committee hearing has become. Mulroney's been exonerated? How laughable to believe that anything of the kind could have been derived from the superficial show we've seen thus far. On what basis...a few Russ Hiebert questions the National Post breathlessly hangs upon?

Unfortunately, there's still the pesky little allegation of Mulroney having received $100,000 while still an MP from Schreiber. The unseemliness of the deal arranged between the former PM and Schreiber while Mulroney was still an MP. And the allegations surrounding help from the Harper government on Schreiber's extradition via Mulroney. And the lengths the Harperites have gone to in killing any internal Justice Department deliberations on the file.

Nah, I think this is far from over, despite the growing chatter from wishful thinkers. And despite the best efforts of this committee to muck it all up.