Monday, December 03, 2007

Mulroney-Schreiber: the post Luc Lavoie era begins

1. New p.r. firm lined up for the former PM: Navigator, Ltd. You know, I cannot seem to recall any political leader in Canada, particularly one who is out of office who has had to rely so heavily on the public relations function to get through life's challenges. Who needs public relations when you can just tell the truth?

2. Schreiber needs more time to prepare for his next committee appearance, says Eddie Greenspan. That's fair. He's clearly not had the opportunity to review his documents properly in order to provide fulsome information to the Committee. They should be concerned with such considerations if they hope to actually be effective in getting to the bottom of the issues before them. Now that the time pressure has been lifted due to the stay on Schreiber's extradition order being granted, the Committee should be re-scheduling the Schreiber days to allow for more time. You can bet Mr. Mulroney's sitting back and gettin' ready, that's for sure.

3. The toppling of Joe Clark by Brian Mulroney's getting another look, after all these years. The German money connection, allegedly enabled by Schreiber, in support of Mulroney is a whole other "chapter" to this saga that does nothing to help the public perception surrounding the Mulroney years at this sensitive time. Not what Mr. Mulroney wants people to be writing about this fine December morning.

4. And here's a creative little video for ya, taking issue with the Conservatives' efforts to distance themselves from the former big cheese. Enjoy...:)