Friday, December 21, 2007

Privy Council Office fixated on Linda Keen today

Your Privy Council Office in action, devoted to digging Harper out of the holes he digs.

Harper and the boys up there are apparently a little concerned about the public perception of his comments in regard to Linda Keen. And you know, after Harper got in deeper and told the nation last night that the judgment of the nuclear regulator was "appalling" in the instance of the Chalk River shut down, you'd have to think that yes, they would be concerned today about public reaction. After all, we've been told by our PM that the nuclear regulator's judgment is seriously off. It's almost worse than the partisan shot he took against them last week. Surely if Harper truly feels this way he must be in full gear making plans to oust the members of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, including Ms. Keen and remedy a situation with a judgmentally challenged nuclear regulator.

Stay tuned on this one, it's not getting any better.

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