Friday, December 14, 2007

Rove cited for contempt and about to get more scrutiny

Dan Abrams' series called "Bush League Justice" focussed yesterday on the politically motivated prosecution of former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman who today sits behind bars doing a 7 year sentence. Republican luminaries in Alabama who came under scrutiny for the same matters as Siegelman were not investigated at all, by contrast. There's evidence this prosecution was driven by none other than Karl Rove. I tuned in because one of my faves, Scott Horton, the excellent legal blogger for Harper's was a guest. So here's the damning segment. Abrams is vowing to stay on the case.

Rove was cited for contempt by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. Senator Leahy has clearly decided to test the supposed impartiality of new Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Horton believes that this move has to do with the bubbling up of the Siegelman case. If that's the cae, Rove is not home free by a long shot.