Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Mulroney-Schreiber

Oh yes, there's still lots to talk about...

1. Luc Lavoie, former Mulroney spokesman extraordinaire. That's right, former. He's gone, daddy, gone, the love is gone away...:) Takes too much of Mr. Lavoie's time. And since he's so busy getting Quebecor bandwidth and all...

2. Eddie Greenspan's puttin' his mojo to good use on Stephen Harper. He knows when something doesn't smell right:
Edward Greenspan, after winning his client a stay of extradition that will allow him to tell the rest of his story to a House of Commons ethics committee, suggested Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself is among those keen to see Schreiber leave Canadian soil.

"I think there are people in Ottawa who are in power who would like to get rid of him," Greenspan said outside the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Greenspan, noting that Schreiber's extradition has become more a "political" issue than a legal one, added he doesn't "have that much faith anymore that there's going to be a public inquiry."

"It seems to me that the prime minister . . . although he's called for it and although former prime minister Brian Mulroney wants a public inquiry, the minister of justice has done everything in his power to get Mr. Schreiber out of here before that inquiry," he said.

"Strikes me as a concerted effort to make sure that they look like they want a public inquiry. What they really want is Mr. Schreiber out of here."

When asked who was calling the shots, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson or Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Greenspan replied: "I'm not a politician, but one of them is prime minister."
I'm not one either, Eddie, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...:)

3. Mulroney and Harper "Breeds apart," the National Post writes. Really. Recall this item and tell me again how pristine Mr. Harper's word is. And while we're at it, let's ask the people of Newfoundland or the income trust investors about Stephen Harper's "moral track record." Breeds apart? Nope, really don't think so...but the media seem perfectly willing to maintain this fiction. Why?