Saturday, December 29, 2007

Those inconvenient federal spending limits

Well, I have to say that as a supporter of Stephane Dion, the confidence expressed by the Liberal party president in this report is good to hear. And to be fair, it's really what you'd likely hear from any party leader, but still. I had to laugh at one part though:
Liberals would be leading in public opinion polls if they had as much money as the Conservatives to spend on pre-election advertising, suggests Grit president Senator Marie Poulin.

But the Tories' cash advantage will end once an election is called, when all parties will be forced to stay within the same spending limit.
Because as we all know, spending limits mean sooooo much to Harpie's gang, don't they? Last go round, in Conservative-national-headquarters-land, the national party topped up riding funds in remote regions when the election got tight in order to fund TV ads in the big markets that had nothing to do with the ridings they topped up. And then the remote riding candidates had the nerve to try and get that last minute "in-and-out" cash back from the Canadian taxpayer (until they were exposed by the media and a lot of them then dropped out of the cash back demand). And then the national party had the nerve to sue Elections Canada once it got caught. Because, you know, such efforts to get around those nasty national spending limits were truly in the spirit of "accountability" upon which they ran...:)

Next time
, I'm sure journamalists will be right on their case, tracking ad buys and watching patterns.

At least a citizen can hope...:)