Monday, December 10, 2007

Would they just please stop with this in Quebec

"Immigrants to Quebec should make pledge to province's core values."

The floundering, pandering Quebec Liberals of Jean Charest, behind in the polls to Pauline Marois, apparently looking to join in on the ugly anti-immigrant sentiment. Perhaps it's their strange way of justifying Charest's boneheaded appointment of the government commission that has foolishly and irresponsibly put a spotlight on minority accommodation in Quebec and all the nastiness that has gone along with it. After all, it's gone this far, they must be thinking they've got to salvage something from it. Never mind that this continued obsession is an escalating commitment to the wrong course of action.
Aspiring newcomers to Quebec should be made to sign a "moral commitment" to the province's core values as part of the immigration process, the Quebec Liberal party said Sunday.

The party will make the recommendation on Monday to the contentious government commission looking at the accommodation of minorities.

Liberals claim their proposal will provide a frame of reference for those immigrants thinking about coming to Quebec.

"It is simply important to make sure that there is no misunderstanding before the future new immigrants come to Quebec," Saul Polo, a member of the party's working group on identity and federalism, told a news conference.

"We live under a certain structure and values."

The proposal would see hopeful immigrants sign a pledge to Quebec values, and appears aimed at dealing with concerns that mainstream culture does too much to accommodate the lifestyles of newcomers.
And so if they pledge to such a "moral commitment" to Quebec "values," who's going to be the judge and jury on whether or not immigrants then go on to live up to this vague commitment, whatever it is? Or is it just meaningless fluff meant to pander for votes? In which case, why do it in the first place? Whatever it is, it doesn't pass the smell test.

We should not be going down this road of making immigrants pledge to adhere to any kind of tinkered, on-the-fly, reactionary value system. This is Canada and we respect and are tolerant of difference. What the heck is happening to us? And where have the great political leaders who will stand up to this nonsense gone?