Thursday, December 27, 2007

Your morning smile

On the special year end CBC "At Issue" panel last night, in case you missed it, Allan Gregg picked Rona Ambrose to be his "Comeback" politician in 2008. Rona Ambrose, the invisible Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs who has not spoken publicly - not that I've seen, anyway - since being demoted from the Environment Ministry many months ago. Who has provided no evidence or even a hint of life to warrant such a prediction. Gregg justified his pick because "open federalism" may be on the upswing and become more important in 2008 if there's an election. Or something to that effect. And there was some other mumbo jumbo about how she had been unfairly dumped upon while in Environment and so on. And he did it with a straight face.

Now I can see it from one perspective...she's certainly got nowhere to go but up...

But sometimes these panellists just slay me with this stuff...:)