Thursday, January 24, 2008

The innocent little knaves supposedly didn't know

More games from the Conservatives on the detainee issue showing how they're playing politics with this serious issue:
Privately, Conservatives are suggesting they were not told by the military that the hand overs were no longer taking place.
On a matter that has stoked outrage and dominated the spring session of the House of Commons, the Conservatives expect us to believe that they knew nothing of the change in policy? Very hard to believe. Extremely hard to believe. With this controlling PMO that knows all about every aspect of the government's vulnerabilities, it's just the opposite of what we've seen from them.

Let's assume for a moment that this was would mean that apparently they took the message from the spring session that instead of getting on top of the file and ensuring that torture was not taking place, they should instead ignore it and hope it goes away. Let the military take care of it and ask no inconvenient questions of them. Wall it off.

And following through, if this is indeed true, that the Harper government knew nothing about the change in detainee policy, it represents an absolute abdication of responsibility of their civilian oversight of the military on a fundamental issue. And conduct demonstrating utter contempt for the Canadian public's right to know that the issue was being handled properly.

Accountability, transparency...oh how long ago all of that bluster was...