Monday, January 21, 2008

Stockwell Day, street crime fighter extraordinaire

Did you catch this latest tale from Stockwell Day in Saturday's Globe? And the big question is, do you believe it?
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day is a fit guy who takes every opportunity to exercise. The minister was in Hamilton last week to announce $7.7-million for youth crime-prevention programs across Ontario and he took some time to jog along a waterfront trail. It was there, he later told local Tory Party members, that he saw a drug deal go down. According to news reports, he said he saw a middle-aged woman and "this quite large" drug dealer and "there was a deal going on." As he moved in closer to see what was going on, the "dealer" then "whirled on me," asked him if he was a police officer and if he wanted to fight. Mr. Day, who was alone, jogged off. According to a newspaper report, however, "eyebrows were raised about whether the minister should have immediately reported the incident to police since he is Canada's top law enforcement officer." Mélisa Leclerc, Mr. Day's spokeswoman, said yesterday that he spoke "directly" to the Hamilton police chief about what he saw. (emphasis added)
Really. I wonder what a "quite large" drug dealer looks like. And what the reaction of the Hamilton police chief was.

Always ridiculously at the center of the action, that's our man Stock...:)