Friday, March 28, 2008

Good news for Dion

Yes, I said good news and Dion in the same phrase. Heaven forbid we defy the conventional wisdom, but here it is. In case you missed this gem yesterday, here's a bit of wisdom that makes the entire Dion-flog-fest actually quite bearable:
...Mr. Dion has no plans to leave and, so long as he holds the card of being practically even with the governing party in support, no campaign to unseat him has any hope.

In effect, St├ęphane Dion is being saved by Stephen Harper and his failure to open up a wide lead. As a close Dion caucus ally, Bryon Wilfert, put it yesterday: "If our guy is so bad, then what does it make theirs when we're tied with him?"

Mr. Wilfert is right. It's a dismal comment on the state of the governing party to be about even with a party led by a man that the Conservatives allege is one of the wimpiest Opposition leaders of all time.
That's a darn good question, Mr. Wilfert. And thank you for reminding us that the eminently unlikable Stephen Harper is the luckiest guy in Canada at this moment. Because his continuing unimpressive, unprecedented poor showing in the polls for a PM two years in on the job is conveniently masked by the Liberal infighting.

If only these Liberals would get their act together...the base they have to work with is tremendous.

In that vein, I'm starting to think that Stephane needs to have a very serious come-to-Jesus moment with Mr. Ignatieff. Threaten to strip him of the deputy leader position if this bunk from his supporters continues. Where there's smoke, there's fire, Mr. Dion. Ignatieff is looking like a problem, not your best bud in the front row. Wielding such power may be exactly what is needed at this moment. Heck, in fact, tell him you'll give the position to Bob Rae. That might expedite things.