Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inconsistency, thy name is Stockwell Day

A reminder today of the double standard the Harper government is applying to Canadians facing the death penalty in foreign countries. The Canadian facing execution in Montana is not worthy of the government's help. Yet the Canadian facing execution in Saudi Arabia is. It's nonsensical inconsistent policy from our government, a departure from decades of consistent opposition to the executions of Canadians abroad, no matter where they may be and no matter the offence for which they've been convicted. When the government starts picking and choosing which Canadians will get its help, we're in trouble. As the lawyer for the Canadian in Montana remarked:
"I love the irony of it all. Un-freaking believable," Greg Jackson told The Canadian Press.
Yes, that's the un-freaking believable reality we live with in Canada these days under such luminary politicians as Stockwell Day, Mr. Jackson.

And of course:
A spokesman for Public Safety declined to offer an explanation on why Day was intervening on behalf of Kohail and not Smith, saying the Department of Foreign Affairs was "taking the lead role" in the case. The Foreign Affairs Department did not return calls.
Let's for Guantanamo Bay, NAFTAgate shenanigans at the consulate in Chicago, Afghanistan, the sell-off of historic Foreign Affairs properties abroad and radical policy shifts such as this one on the death penalty that are dropped into your lap...wouldn't you love to be a foreign affairs staffer at this moment?