Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An enigma wrapped in a mystery

Adam Radwanski with an astute observation this afternoon:
"What continues to amaze about this government is its willingness, in the absence of much opposition from Stephane Dion's Liberals, to serve as its own worst enemy. Rather than avoid conflict, it actively seeks it out with everyone from nuclear regulators to provincial premiers to elections officials. With time, both sides may sustain damage from any of these battles. But since the Tories aren't running against any of these people, it's never clear why they don't try to make nice with them rather than seeking out mutual destruction."
Well, it's clear to some of us. The Harperites can't help it. It's the boss man's mojo at work. It infects all things they touch. And the big question is, can he change from the National-Citizens-Coalition-federal-government-resenting iteration he was prior to his federal leadership roles? To date, it seems that the answer is no. Remember when Kinsella told us that the Conservative new year's strategy was to try to be all non-controversial and bland this year? Harpie just can't pull it off.

Yes, it is indeed amazing to behold.