Monday, April 21, 2008

Huge sleeper issue in an election

A brief detour from the main issue of the day, back to that later...:)

There's a column worth noting today: Chantal Hebert shines a big light on C-484 and the politics surrounding it (h/t Birth Pangs). If Canadian women have not been paying attention to this issue, they're certainly going to be getting acquainted with it now.

This is a big issue that crystallizes a principal difference between the Liberals and Conservatives, despite the minority of Liberals who voted with the Conservatives early on. As Hebert writes today of Dion:
Last week, he said he might break his rule of not pronouncing on private members' bills to oppose this one if and when it comes up for final approval in the House.

He also predicted that enough of his members would reverse themselves on third reading to defeat it.
If Dion smacks this down, it'll be big. As a political consultant opined a few weeks back:
“The Conservative Party has to look like they won't do ‘crazy' things so that the female voter isn't galvanized to go out and vote,” Mr. Woolstencroft says. “The Conservatives are working hard to be benign. They want women sitting at home.”
There's no way women will be sitting back for this one.