Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's good to be King

"Liberals want committee to grill PM on Cadman." Yes, I'm sure they do. Yet the PM, speaking on tape about financial considerations being offered to an MP, is unlikely to take them up on it, despite the continuing embarrassment of Harper's taped words.

The Conservatives have learned well from their Republican tutors that the minute a lawsuit is filed or a police investigation is under way to adhere to a position like this: "We're very sorry but this is a matter before the courts and we cannot comment on it until those processes are resolved." And then, once the case is finished, a la Scooter Libby, the position becomes, "We need to move on. The matter has been dealt with." And in the Canadian context, throw in an evasive Conservative committee chairman and a feckless Speaker of the House, unwilling to impose any order, to seal the deal.

It's ironic, of course, given the contempt they have for the legal system how they do avail themselves of its protections and hide from any measure of public accountability when it's convenient for them to do so. Forget the public's right to know what exactly Mr. Harper was referencing when he spoke, in his own words, about financial considerations being offered by his party, of which he was the leader, to a sitting MP. Perhaps that'll be put forth in an election and Mr. Harper can explain his words, repeatedly, then. Or reap the consequences for not doing so.

In the meantime, pursue the justice committee invitation and embarrass the accountability Prime Minister who will likely fail to show up.