Friday, April 25, 2008


Guess Jason Kenney, the designated Conservative Johnny-come-lately on the Brenda Martin file being in Mexico is better at this stage than what they'd been doing throughout most of the life of their government, i.e., not being there at all: "Ottawa doles out $3,500 to bring jailed woman back from Mexico." And Kenney's brought along fellow Conservative MP Rick Norlock, again, despite the criticism faced last time the two had a Mexican visit with Martin to the effect of it being a publicity stunt. Yes, Norlock of the questionable statements regarding Martin's case, to wit:
When he was approached by a Canwest News Service reporter in February 2007 for the first story about Martin's imprisonment, he told the reporter he had reviewed her file and said she belonged in prison.

He then abruptly hung up and did not return subsequent calls.
Ask yourself, how would you like to be sitting in a foreign jail cell and hear that from your MP when you maintain that you are innocent, huh?

But times change, hey? And when you're in need of a political boost, being Martin's MP and all, due to any damage having been done to the Conservative fortunes there due to the well grounded perception of the Conservatives as having dragged their asses to this point on this file...well then, whatever we can do to help along his political fortunes will I'm sure, be welcomed by Ms. Martin at this point. Not.

Photo op necessity to repair political damage or compassionate Conservatives? You be the judge...