Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Maxime Bernier in over his head today

No wonder they only advertise Maxime's trips a day in advance. Here's Bernier with a routine, weak international performance on our behalf today. Responding on Omar Khadr at a news conference with Condoleezza Rice and the Mexican Foreign Secretary:
"In response to a question about Omar Khadr, a Canadian terror suspect held at Guantanamo Bay, Bernier said he had already issued a written statement.

'But what I can tell you right now ... Mr. Khadr faces serious charges and it will be premature to comment about the legal process right now and appeal process.'

Bernier added: 'I have received assurances that Mr. Khadr has been treated humanely.'"
Ah yes, Bernier's best friend, the written statement. Given the remainder of his bland, scripted response, and other rambling, general comments at the news conference, you can plainly see why he loves them so much. He's not capable of much beyond his talking points. Apparently last week, in the House, Bernier must have read from a written statement. It does not appear on the Foreign Affairs website. Here's a report on what he said:
Mr. Bernier wrote of Mr. Khadr's "apparent unlawful recruitment by al-Qaeda" given his youth, and stated the government "has continuously demanded that the U.S. government take [the fact he was a minor] into account in all aspects of his detention, treatment, prosecution and potential sentencing."
Awfully late to the party for Mr. Bernier. But if this is indeed the new public position of the government, then why it has done little to obtain Mr. Khadr's release is baffling. Other western nations have all obtained the release of their citizens. It's just the weak, feckless Conservative Canadian government that been unsuccessful - and with respect to a prisoner who was a minor at the time of captivity.

On the Brenda Martin front, the Mexican official stated as follows:
The Mexican cabinet minister pointed out the judiciary is separate from the government, "so we cannot really tell the judges exactly what they should do. But we have really encouraged them to resolve this case as fast as possible."

Without giving an exact time frame, Espinosa said "we are hoping in the next weeks, we will have a final resolution."
Hopefully this resolution will be a positive one. It's time for the Mexicans to put an end to that embarrassing, Kafkaesque situation. Failing that, Canadians will have to vote with their wallets and suitcases.