Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More bullying

Touche, my friend. The bully will be stood up to, with bells on. It's just a question of when. And as I'm sure you agree, that doesn't legitimate the bully's behaviour in the meantime.

I have been more willing than you and others to tolerate the status quo if it means the Liberals use the time wisely and can actually ramp up and prepare to fight on a level playing field with the resource rich Conservatives. And if they can choose a moment and issue to their benefit. Doesn't mean I'm not getting impatient with the tired old taunts from the Conservatives and NDP. I would be quite happy to see an election on the immigration issue. The Conservatives may have made a big miscalculation in thinking they could get away with that budget tucking thing.

My post was intended to highlight the aggressive, Bushian posturing of Mr. Harper and company. They deserve a bright spotlight and responsibility for the climate of partisanship and aggressivity that's in Ottawa right now. People don't like bullies. Yet the parties being bullied have been, in my view, unfairly tagged with the lion's share of negativity from the situation. The bully needs to have his tactics called out. And we don't need a perpetual cycle of elections every time parties disagree in a minority government situation. Yet that's what Harper's put us into, and it's not just wrong, it's a major drag on the country.

(Not to mention his poll numbers...:))