Thursday, April 17, 2008

More than just a resignation call

Adam Radwanski makes another good point this afternoon, that the incessant calls for the resignation of Harper ministers can make for a bit of a cry wolf situation.
It's become such a default reaction that it's lost all meaning; where once resignation calls were major news, they're now just a regular part of attacking the government. This form of crying wolf happens so often that it's become impossible to convey real outrage, and it's easier for ministers who really should resign to shrug off the calls for them to do so.
But I would suggest today's call is not all about the resignation as an end in and of itself. This is about highlighting the difference between what Harper's offering as Foreign Affairs Minister, Maxime Bernier, and what Dion's offering, Bob Rae. And when that contrast is put out there for the Canadian public, it's favourable to the Liberal team. Today's resignation call is certainly warranted in Bernier's case, in any event. But I'd suggest that the better way of looking at it is that it's likely a technicality in a larger plan.