Saturday, April 26, 2008

"So what?"

"Former Tory candidate 'angry' over spending scheme." Former Newfoundland Conservative candidate Joe Goudie is the latest member of the growing club of former Conservatives with consciences. Mr. Goudie, his campaign manager and official agent are not toeing the Conservative line on the in-and-out scheme but are instead, being quite candid in their sworn affidavits about the exact nature of the transaction. This former Conservative candidate and his team feel strongly that the in-and-out scheme just didn't pass the smell test. A sample from the candidate's official agent:
“All I have is my reputation,” he wrote. “The fact that I and our local campaign were drawn into this scheme by the Conservative Party of Canada angers me greatly.”
Pretty strong stuff.

So what do we hear on the national level, from the Conservatives still populating the national party? Not exactly measuring up to the same level of civility. For instance:
Conservative Party spokesman Ryan Sparrow says the allegations are merely gripes from a failed campaign.

“These advertisements purchased by the local campaigns were identified as such in the tag lines required by the rules for election advertising,” Mr. Sparrow wrote in an e-mail Friday. “These are people who wanted to run for the Conservative Party. They knew the program was legal. They are speaking out now – a full two years later because they lost.”
Hmmm, that's a real tough choice in terms of what the public is hearing, real tough. The genuine honesty on the one hand...versus the intense partisanship on the other. Well at least there's a bright side for the Conservative communications machine. Sparrow's harshness is an ounce better than Pierre Poilievre's "So what?" in response to Don Newman putting the Joe Goudie comments to him the other day.

The bitterness of these Conservatives is jarring, as always.

(h/t Accidental Deliberations)