Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spot him a few IQ points, Mike

I'll take this match up any day, on the substance of the argument and in terms of the two making it:
"'We're very concerned with the conduct of Elections Canada,' Pierre Poilievre told Canada AM.

But Deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said the key issue is the Tories allegedly overspending on advertising in the 2006 federal election as well as its attacks on the agency.

'Pierre Poilievre and the party have been consistently attacking Elections Canada. You don't do that,' he told Canada AM.

'These guys are resisting the institution that keeps our elections fair.'"
Poilievre continues to frame this in the worst possible partisan light. How his party can actually think that Canadians are going to buy this attack on Elections Canada and not look at it as bizarre given our unimpeachable history of free and fair elections is part of their fundamental problem. We're not Zimbabwe and no one thinks we are. Who's next in the partisan witch hunt? How 'bout the Canadian Mint?

Meanwhile, the PM finally weighs in on the growing disaster, trying to in some manner, put the notion that the Conservatives are rule-breaking mavericks back in the bottle:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is defending the Conservative party's advertising spending, saying they followed the rules in the 2006 federal election.

But he told a news conference in New Orleans on Tuesday that if the official interpretation of the law changes, the Tories will adapt.
In the meantime, I suppose, based on Harper's seemingly calming comments, the war on Elections Canada will continue, until a judgment comes from the Federal Court. And we should also assume that the Conservatives will be re-instituting the in-and-out scheme in the next election.