Monday, April 07, 2008

A tired out meme

"Dion deserves loyalty." My god, someone dares speak some common sense about the Liberal infighting. Has hell frozen over?
Have the Liberals forgotten so soon all the premature political obituaries written about Chretien, when he took over as Opposition leader?

Turns out he did okay, winning three majorities in a row -- albeit with the help of a divided Conservative party.

In any event, it's hard to fathom all this disloyalty to Dion, save for the obvious suggestion too many Liberals are impatient, arrogant and have been spoiled rotten by power.

The only thing their whisper campaign against Dion accomplishes, is to cause many voters to think if he can't run his party, how can he run the country?

We suggest a new strategy for Liberals, assuming they want to win more than dump Dion.

It's called loyalty to the leader. They should try it.
I am truly shocked....:) Maybe in this little commentary, we might detect a side effect of the anti-Dion pile on that's coming to fruition...people will view it as a stale attack that's had its day. As in, give it a rest already.

The oppressive tactics of the Prime Minister and his party, who are ramming landmark immigration reforms down the throat of the nation in a budget bill, by contrast, deserve our full scrutiny and objection. That's much more newsworthy than the continued Dion slimefest.