Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amateur hour, continued

Another question based on Ms. Couillard's interview and this report detail:
She also said that on May 9, she went out for dinner with a friend and returned home to find that her home alarm was deactivated. Couillard then hired a security expert who discovered evidence there had been a hidden microphone in the boxspring of her bed.
Deactivated. As in someone who had access to the code entered in her absence and deactivated it? Or someone had entered and otherwise deactivated it in the process?

Just asking, as at the May 9th point in our story, remember, Ms. Couillard apparently had classified documents in her possession, left by Mr. Bernier in mid-April and returned to Foreign Affairs just this past weekend.

Also...CTV update on Question Period goings on, here.

And on the likelihood of bugging, let's go with this guy over Bob Fife, shall we:

A former Canadian intelligence agent and RCMP officer said Tuesday that it's possible the federal government planted listening devices in Julie Couillard's apartment in Laval, Que.

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, now a private consultant, told CBC News that if the allegations were true, the bug might well have been planted by government security operatives.

Juneau-Katsuya said a government agency could have gone into damage control mode.

"It definitely could have been the government because here we need to know exactly what was going on," he said, adding the agency could have been his own former employer, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.