Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another day, another Conservative debacle

And it apparently involves one of our faves, Helena Guergis. The Globe has a report today, which if true, would mean that Guergis threatened to pull support for federal funding from a library in her riding if Michael Ignatieff attended a fundraising gala for the library. Got that? The mere appearance of a high profile Liberal at the gala was enough to cause a threat to be made to the funding of a library. The Globe reports:
Last week's controversy surrounds an event to raise funds for a new library in Collingwood, which is to open next spring and is expected to cost $7.4-million. The library board has applied for a $5.8-million federal grant, which is supported by Ms. Guergis.

Last week, shortly after it became known that Mr. Ignatieff was to attend the gala, rumours began circulating in the community that funding for the library could be in jeopardy and that Ms. Guergis's supporters were behind the suggestions.

Ms. Guergis's spokesman, Blair MacLean, denied any involvement from Ms. Guergis. He said this "sounds totally ridiculous and not true."
Despite the denial from the spokesman, the library board vice-chairman confirms that the gist of the story appears to be true:
Mr. Ignatieff's tour organizer, Alexis Levine, says he was advised by library board vice-chairman Paul Dulmage it would "just make things a whole lot easier if he did not come anywhere near the place." The event was scheduled for last Saturday night.

Mr. Dulmage confirmed yesterday that he spoke to Mr. Levine and does not deny his comments.
Just remarkable. It appears as if Ms. Guergis has an abuse of power problem on her hands. If such threats were made, I'd say a resignation is in order. But then again, this is the party whose leader is on tape discussing financial considerations being offered to a sitting MP in exchange for his vote. Expect instead another lesson in accountability-for-thee-but-never-for-me or perhaps an indictment of the Liberals and how this is really their fault.

This is Conservative Canada, ladies and gentlemen, where the levers of the state are applied to serve the partisan purposes of the governing party. And there's more tales of use of state mechanisms to serve the Conservative agenda in the news today, here, on the immigration file.

Yep, Conservative Canada...or should I say, Conservative Russia?