Saturday, May 03, 2008

The arts like kryptonite to Conservatives

Do voters care whether Conservatives are blowing off the G-G's arts gala tonight? Probably not. But this article, canvassing why Conservatives are not attending a traditionally big gala, the black-tie Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Gala, gives you insight into the Conservative mindset, once again.

Does George W. Bush go to the Kennedy Centre galas? Yes. Why would a President, who probably, like the Conservatives, shares similar personal sentiments about the arts community attend? Because even that dipstick gets that the national government should be seen to be supporting such events because the arts community is valued in our country and deserves the government's support. Not just for economic reasons, but cultural, aesthetic considerations about what the performing arts add to our national fabric. It's the right thing to do to have a government representative there. But Harper's crew just don't get that and are thumbing their nose at the event. If it involved hockey they'd go, they say. Picking and choosing favorites and turning their back on other equally important constituencies is par for the course for these Conservatives, even when it comes to the arts.

In addition to their just not getting their responsibilities as a government, they're scurrying off to their ridings for politicking. And shirking attendance no doubt because they're afraid of the reception they'd be getting in the wake of C-10, their effort to inject censorship into the tax credit grants to the film industry. Not exactly profiles in courage, are they?

And then there's this note in the report:
And then the ultimate diss: Another senior cabinet minister says he just doesn't like Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean, who plays host for the evening gala. He gives the "thumbs-down" gesture as he says this. "She's no Ray Hnatyshyn," he says.

The Governor-General's office will not comment on the attendance. A spokeswoman for Jean, however, noted that this is not a "political event."

The G-G Awards Gala has been an annual affair since the awards were established in 1992 by the late former governor-general Ray Hnatyshyn.
Political considerations above all else. Diss the Martin-appointed and therefore forever tainted Governor-General by stiffing her on the event.

Classless, clueless and just disappointing. Big political story? No, but a reminder of the small-minded, take the low road at every opportunity Conservatives.

Carry on...:)