Monday, May 19, 2008


Not a big surprise here:
In a break with tradition, Stephen Harper will not attend the unveiling of the official portrait of one of his prime ministerial predecessors.

Former Conservative prime minister Joe Clark will have his portrait hung in the hallway of Parliament's Centre Block alongside 18 others who led the Canadian government.

But the current prime minister isn't planning to attend the end-of-month ceremony because he'll be travelling abroad.

It will mark only the second time in half a century that a sitting prime minister has missed such an event, the political equivalent of an ex-leader's addition to the parliamentary walk of fame.
No hard feelings on either side, as the report indicates, as there is not much love lost between these two Conservatives of completely different stripes.

But a prime minister has certain responsibilities and this should have been re-scheduled to ensure grace and civility would prevail.

Harper's not big on bestowing gracious tributes to deserving Canadians, as his government's remarks upon the death of Antonio Lamer and the retirement of Justice Bastarache also demonstrate.

A small, small figure occupying the PM's office these days.