Friday, May 02, 2008

Conservatives squirming as RCMP and Elections Canada investigators do their jobs

Well no sh*#, Sherlock: "Tories want much of material seized from headquarters kept under wraps." On the grounds, in appears, that some of it was privileged. Ryan Sparrow chirps:
Conservative party spokesman Ryan Sparrow said Thursday a portion of the material carted away under a search warrant by the elections agency, with help from the RCMP, is legal advice related to the lawsuit.

"Some of this information pertains to client privilege and some of it is completely unrelated to either the court case or Elections Canada for that matter," Sparrow said in an interview.

"Every party and every Canadian has attorney-client privilege, right?
But, but, but, but..."attorney-client privilege, right?" Are you asking us, Ryan? And by the way, we do not say "attorney" in Canada. They might in the U.S., but not here. Get your countries straight. Try solicitor-client privilege, as we say in Canada.

More from Ryan:
"I can't get into the specifics," Sparrow said, "but I can say that our lawyers are working with Elections Canada on this matter."
Yes, Elections Canada that will no doubt treat the Conservative party's request with due care and professionalism, unlike what they have received and can expect from Conservative partisans.

Word of the investigation's workings in the CP report as well:
Newly public court papers indicate several other computer drives and an additional five boxes - containing binders, audits, leases, budgets and copies of ads - were also seized in the raid. The Tories are not claiming privilege over these records.

The papers, filed in Ontario Superior Court, reveal the RCMP has been enlisted to sift through some of the computer files taken from the Tories' downtown Ottawa offices.

Cpl. Maurizio Rosa of the RCMP's Integrated Technological Crime Unit in Ottawa is to team up with Elections Canada investigators to "perform an analysis of the electronic documentation" seized from more than a dozen computers and digital servers.
So nice to see independent professionals doing their jobs while Conservatives plead solicitor-client privilege. Brilliant optics.