Saturday, May 17, 2008

Defending Mad Max is a tough job

Is Peter Van Loan really a lawyer? One really wonders when we see he's apparently incapable of understanding simple questions:
"Rae asked why he reportedly spent $22,573 for a flight to Laos, when other staff members travelling with him claimed between $2,676 to $18,500 in airline expenses.

Rae suggested the figure seemed exorbitant.

To which Van Loan replied:

'The (Liberal) party has been saying . . . that it is concerned that it wants to see Canada stand tall on the world stage and now it is being critical of the concept of the foreign affairs minister actually representing Canada at international forums,' he said.

'We have every intention of continuing to stand up for Canada on the world stage.'"
Defending Maxime Bernier's craptacular judgment appears to be a taxing job, even for the likes of Van Loan. No answer means nope, there's no explanation for it.

And Bernier's situation with his ex, Julie Couillard, looks worse the more we learn of it.
Couillard's penchant for bikers and bad-boys was thought to have been limited to one husband and one live-in boyfriend before 1999.

But La Presse said she lived until 2005 with Robert Pepin, who the newspaper said owed money to a Hells Angels loanshark when he committed suicide last year and once pleaded guilty to trafficking stolen goods.

Sometime between the end of her relationship with Pepin and her appearance with Bernier at a cabinet swearing-in ceremony last summer, she began dating the minister.

Security experts and opposition parties say a relationship between a cabinet minister and a someone with criminal ties poses a handful of potential security risks.

People close to Bernier have described how his ex-girlfriend took an active enough interest in his professional life that it annoyed some of his departmental staff.
Connecting any dots? These guys need to get on with an investigation given the appearances here.

Cleaning up after Bernier is quite the job, isn't it?