Friday, May 30, 2008

Harper Foreign Affairs watch: strike seventeen

"PMO bungles Berlusconi message." Doh! They've run up such a record of missteps in Foreign Affairs, the strike watch will continue. The curse of Maxime lives on...:)

Things are so bad, a staffer launched a desperate effort to throw herself under the bus, given the pounding Harper is taking:
"Blame me. It's my fault," a spokeswoman for Mr. Harper, Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, said after acknowledging the error.
The buck doesn't stop with the spokesperson, however, in this tightly run PMO. We know who's driving the bus on such matters. And who's not:
Government House Leader Peter Van Loan, who fielded all questions about Mr. Bernier and the gaffe regarding Mr. Berlusconi for 25 minutes while acting foreign affairs minister, David Emerson, sat silent, rejected opposition assertions that the Prime Minister had acted incompetently.
They're so gun shy that they won't let Emerson have a go at an issue that was well-known prior to Question Period and for which he presumably could have been briefed. Just remarkable.