Monday, May 26, 2008

"I don't take this subject seriously"

Oh, I'm sure this is nothing, once again. Our fearless leader tells us so:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is flatly refusing to discuss security concerns about his foreign affairs minister's ex-girlfriend, despite a news report that raises fresh questions.

Reports said Monday that Julie Couillard - who had links to the criminal biker underworld as late as 2005 - is the head of a high-tech firm that has been involved in security at airports.

And it quotes a source as saying she received documents regarding airport security.
Harper again refused to answer today when asked if authorities had done a check on Couillard in light of the latest report.

"I have no intention to comment on a minister's former girlfriend," he said. "I don't take this subject seriously."

Hmmm, head of a tech firm involved in airport security...recent ties to biker world...girlfriend of Foreign Affairs this point, we seriously need to wonder what actually would warrant a security check. They messed up, period.

She's on TVA in Montreal tonight, a full-feature interview...:)

Maxime, still giving the PMO fits...:)