Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Internal controls over classified documentation

A CP report bolsters the notion that the official story that "Harper only found out yesterday" about the misplaced classified materials is not believable:
"Several current and former cabinet ministers found it hard to imagine how classified documents could go missing for so long.

Goodale said all cabinet documents are numbered and logged out to ministers by the Privy Council Office, the administrative arm of the prime minister's office. If a document isn't returned in timely fashion, he said, PCO calls to check where it is.

Revenue Minister Gordon O'Connor said he doesn't take any classified documents outside his office.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said he has a safe in his home and his office in which to secure secret papers."
A subject we will be hearing much more about in coming days, the government's internal controls over classified information. What are the protocols and what deviations occurred in this instance?