Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jason Kenney trips up in Ontario

A reminder to Harper et al. that their sabre rattling in Ontario will backfire. Today we see one of McGuinty's most competent ministers, and a potential successor, taking dead aim at the federal government's inaction on the Caledonia land-claim dispute: "Bryant slams Ottawa for not moving ahead to settling native dispute in Caledonia."
Ontario Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant is slamming the federal government for not moving quickly enough to settle an aboriginal land-claim dispute in southern Ontario.

He says Ottawa should "accelerate" a resolution to the dispute in Caledonia, which erupted two years ago when Six Nations protesters blockaded roads and a rail line.

Bryant suggested the federal government exacerbated tensions in the town near Hamilton when Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney recently called on the province to charge native activists with extortion.

Bryant says the Conservatives need to stop hesitating and move on with a solution.

He called on Ottawa yesterday to put a deadline to the talks in Caledonia, where aboriginals have been staging a land claim-related occupation for about two years. (emphasis added)
I have no idea why Jason Kenney would seek to meddle in this file and inflame the situation. See what happens when Conservatives are given the green light to speak to the media? I'm sure Chuck Strahl is most appreciative of Kenney's stirring up of a tempest and the resulting flak he's getting now from Bryant...