Thursday, May 08, 2008

Khadr's Gitmo trial could be suspended

Oh looky, the Gitmo process is once more off the rails and Khadr's trial could be suspended:
A U.S. military judge threatened to suspend the war-crimes trial of a Canadian detainee, scolding the government Thursday for failing to provide records of his confinement at Guantanamo.

Lawyers for Omar Khadr say details of his interrogations and mental health could provide grounds to suppress self-incriminating statements at the U.S. navy base in southeast Cuba. Khadr is accused of killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.
The Judge is none too happy with the dog and pony show he's having to oversee:
Brownback said he understands the military's worry that the documents might identify prison officials who fear retribution. But he ordered the government to provide the records of Khadr's day-to-day confinement by May 22, in complete or edited form, or he will suspend proceedings.
Suspend this wonder of procedural and natural justice? My, that would be a shame. And here the trial of this child soldier was supposed to be one of the showcases of Gitmo justice.

Whatever would the Conservatives do were the case to be dismissed, having hitched their wagon to Mr. Bush's Gitmo?