Monday, May 26, 2008

Microphones in boxsprings

It gets weirder and kind of sinister all at once:
Also during the interview Couillard said experts examined her home and determined her home was under surveillance and the activities within the four walls were being tape recorded. She said she had her home checked after her burglar alarm behaved oddly and she was told a microphone had been placed in the boxspring of her bed.

"They didn't find any taperecorder but they found places where a microphone had been in the boxspring of my bed," she said, recounting how the electronic eavesdropping experts had shown her the staple marks and the tear left in her boxspring.

The allegation, if true, is bound to raise profound questions, including: was her residence bugged before or after her association with Bernier became known, and who placed the surveillance device.
Good questions, those. The obvious question would be whether someone would have been seeking to blackmail Bernier as a result.

Also reported in this piece, that Bernier's known his classified materials were at Couillard's house for about a month now yet failed to retrieve them.

Of Harper's own doing, the report also terms this event "...the most severe blow to his two-year minority government..."