Saturday, May 31, 2008

"More than the antics of a cabinet clown"

A call for the Conservatives to refrain from obstructing reasonable and appropriate parliamentary inquiry due to the questions still unanswered in the Bernier matter: "Let MPs probe Bernier."
[T]his scandal is about more than the antics of a cabinet clown.

It is about how secrets are protected in the highest echelons of government. Particularly troubling is that these documents disappeared for weeks, apparently without anyone being aware they were gone. Indeed, these papers would likely still be missing if Bernier's former girlfriend, Julie Couillard, had not returned them last weekend.

How could no one in the vast government apparatus notice they were missing? And if someone did, why was the information kept from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who insists that he only discovered the security breach after Couillard had returned the documents? Are any other documents missing?

Questions also remain over when Bernier learned of his paramour's shady ex-lovers and when he put an end to the relationship. And what role did the Canadian Security Intelligence Service play in this?
The Conservatives won't be doing themselves any favours if they shut the public safety committee down to avoid having any witnesses called. It'll fit quite nicely with the predominant public perception of their secretive unaccountable ways. It's quite the position they're in. If the hearings proceed, it'll be attraction number one in the public sphere. If they don't, well, see my previous remark.