Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My 24 Sussex makeover edition includes the resident

You know, because while we're on the subject, thanks to the Auditor General's report today on the need to renovate the prime ministerial residence and perhaps boot out the occupant in the process, one's mind just can't help but go there. When you read things like this:
Even worse, the massive overhaul would kick out the honourable resident for more than a year, says Sheila Fraser in a report Tuesday to Parliament.
...a person can dream of such a wondrous day, can't they?

But alas, a cruel spokeswoman crushes my dream:
Stephen Harper, however, has no plans to go anywhere “between now and the next election,” says a spokeswoman.

“The prime minister and his family find 24 Sussex adequate to their needs, and see no need for substantial renovation programs at this time,” said Carolyn Stewart Olsen.
Because you know, when you really come to think of it...surely this very public desire to renovate and push the PM out of his home must be some Liberal plot, germinated by moles in the Auditor General's office, to create an appearance of a power vacuum at the top...because with every machination of government comes the paranoiac suspicion from our leader that there's an angle working against him. For example, what are we to make from these comments from the AG today about the type of work required, pronto:
“What can I tell you?” Ms. Fraser said when asked how one of the nation's prime pieces of real estate could have languished for so long.

“I'd be very surprised if there have been no major repairs to the White House in 50 years.”

Among other work required at 24 Sussex, “the ceilings and interior walls of the residence will have to be opened up to install new air ducts for ventilation and air conditioning, to replace old electrical wiring, to install a sprinkler system for fire protection, to remove toxic materials such as asbestos or to monitor such materials, and to retrofit service areas.

Ms. Fraser says she was assured that the prime minister and his family aren't in danger, but that overdue work should not be put off. (emphasis added)
Opening up the walls and installing new air ducts and wiring? Sounds mighty suspicious to me...subversives might install listening devices or other such items...the PM has brought Canada "back," on the world stage, don't ya know, and there are surely enemies, not just Liberal domestics, but international such that the Conservative brain trust might see such tame renovation suggestions and assess them truly for what they are.

So I'm sure a call to arms will go out to Harper supporters everywhere...the Auditor General, speaking out against the plans for the PM's Privy Council Office to vet her communications, just this past week, must clearly be muscling out dear leader from his abode...let the media strategy and secret wheels of government start turning...she must be stopped...:)

And remember, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean everybody's not out to get you...:)