Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A new low for Conservatives in the House today

Yes, a new low, if that's possible.

Peter Van Loan was in prime form in Question Period today. Get ready for this one.

When responding to questions on the Bernier disaster, Van Loan accused the Liberals, during their tenure in Foreign Affairs, of "cozying up to communists" and "cozying up to authoritarian regimes." Van Loan seemed to be comically and delusionally re-living the cold war and importing some American-centred view of the world into his spontaneous diatribe. And if that wasn't enough, Van Loan went on to cite the grand Conservative tradition in foreign matters, citing Brian Mulroney's foreign policy on the world stage to counter the Liberal tradition that Ignatieff had put to him and somehow set Van Loan off. Brian Mulroney. Suddenly back in favour in Conservative circles now that the wheel has turned? When they're using Mulroney's past exploits to salvage their credibility, it's dire straits indeed. Desperate times call for desperate measures, hey?

The distraction, the inability to answer questions, provide basic information and commit to an investigation to get to the bottom of the Bernier mess speak volumes.

But let's thank Van Loan for those moments today, they were truly insightful...